Wednesday, October 10, 2007

London's day out 2

The next morning we start out journey by goin to London Tower bridge which is nearby . I wanted to correct most of ppl thinkin . London Bridge tat u all think is actually London Tower Bridge ... haha London bridge is juz a very ordinary bridge ... hahha ...
Tower Bridge 100++ yrs ad tis bridge
view from the corridor on top
Engine room of the tower bridge .... tis engine runs for 100 yrs ... wtf
which 1 is me???lol
Nice le ....... London Tower Bridge ... not london bridge
After tat we went to Buckingham Palace..... we miss out the changing guards but i am sure i will c it after all ... still have long time yet b4 goin back i hope ...
Buckingham Palace .. wau .... if i got the money and the place is up for sale i will surely BUY it .... in my dreams rite?
Victoria Memorial .....
looks like from Winter Sonata rite ? (Green park)
Love the trees behing ... seem so much like Autumn ...

London's day out

2 months to exam .... shud be studying ... but i didn't ..... ahhaha.. relaxing everyday until last tues .... hahha ... so excited when we wont an Iphone bid on Ebay which the seller is from London . we quickly msg him as we wanted 3 Iphones ... and he has it . So we meet up for collection the next day at Highbury & Islington station. LOL . my dream place actually . As an arsenal supporter, i need to go to have a look at the Stadium at least once in a lifetime . as we are goin to north london for collection .. we stop by at Emirates Stadium ... cool .... i will go for a match there soon although it is so costly for a ticket ...
Gunners ..... lol
emirates stadium .....
weekend , my housemate fren come over from Manchester. so we went out wif her to Madame Tussaud ..... omg ... we queue for 1 hr or so juz to get it .... omg ... stupid crowd . hate it . but wat to do .. attraction of London .. but Madame Tussaud changed alot since i last visit ... nice also ... can attract more ppl to visit ...
Julia Roberts
Do u smell wat the Rock is cooking??
Will Smith ...
Jessica Simpson ... Sexy
Steven Spielberg ... my good pal ...
Always wanted to become superman ...
Ghost Raider's Bike .... damn cool
Sexy Back ...yeng ...... (wearing Air Force 1)
we will rule the world .... lol ... lucky no one here understd it .... lol
after Madame tussaud we proceed to London Eye ..... nice experience.
Hse of Parliament behind us ...
inside London eye ... haha my roommate next to me ....
London Eye taken from my Iphone.... nice

Thursday, October 04, 2007


3 Iphones .....

let the pic do all the talking .... COOL .... still exploring it functions and application ....

Friday, September 07, 2007

Holland and Belgium trip

Day 1 (Friday) Merdaka day.
Wake up early in the morning. All of us din have much sleep as we woke up at 5 in the morning to catch the coach to Gatwick Airport which leave Victoria Coach Station at 7am . All of slept late the night b4 as we were busy doing wat we do best - last min packing . We leave out house just b4 6 to catch the bus . As there is no direct bus to the station we have to take another bus at the Elephant & castle station . Omg . waited for so long but the bus to the station didn't arrive . And time is running up . so we juz catch wateva bus towards tat direction and then take the black cab(trademark cab of London) there . Luckily we are in time for the bus . After all the rushing we finally reach Amsterdam Schiphol Hotel safe and sound.
Picture of us at Schiphol Airport
It is kind of hard to read not to mention understand Dutch . The word is like so unique and it is so hard to pronounce it . Along the way , we barely can read any dutch words .We stayed at a 4 stars hotel near airport which is quite far from city for the 1st nite .Imagine this, the only restaurant ard is McD which is juz across the road and the next nearest is burger king which is at the airport . there is basically nothing ard there except some factories .. Lucky we juz stay for the nite . as it is so time consuming and costly to go to the city . we decided to juz stay at the hotel for the 1st day. we spend the rest of the day enjoying the facilities of the hotel.One more thing tat worth to mention here is tat one of my fren damn blurr .. he left his Euro at UK . So he basically come to travel without any cash . lol .

Day 2 (saturday)
We went to city . After checking in , we 'explore' the city bit by bit . I let the pictures do all the talking.
Train station to city centre
Tram in the city ..... (tube of amsterdam)
Royal palace i think ..
feeding pigeons at Dam Square.
famous Sex museum of amsterdam .
dinner of the nite ..... NIceeeeee
the okace where we c 'shows' if u get wat i mean . The one and only picture taken there as photo-taking is prohibited in the famous Red Light District. The shows sux btw except for 1 as my fren was'forced' to take part . As me for more details.( 18SX) lol

Day3 - outskirt of amsterdam .
best uni for boys. i even c some T-Shirt which is so meaning .Quote" good boys go to heaven and bad boys go to amsterdam" lol
Volendam village
Traditional house behind as background
Boatride from Volendam to Marken.

Marken Fishing village
Big boat at the Marken

Day 4 . Windmill
We went to Zaanse Schans( holland famous windmill) it was nice to c the windmill and how it operate.
posing ........ haha
posing again
windmill again..
on top of a windmill which is to make peanut oil
windmill again .. tat's y i said windmill trip.
at nite we went for a nite cruise trip ard the city

some church at the back ground if i am not mistaken
entrance of Xtra cold bar
Ice bar .... damn cold ...
nice ..... even the glass is made by ice .....
day 5 ( belgium trip)
on the way there .... wat is it look like ???? hmmm ...
Cathedral at Antwerp.
posing at Antwerp.
we stop there for like 1 hr only for photo taking and lunch . we went into an Italian restaurant for lunch . the food there was nice but we dun have time to enjoy juz eat and rush ... haih ... wish we can have more time there ... aiksss ... next stop Brussels.
town hall i think or government office???

Atomium of Brussels (some say Eiffel tower of Brussels) .. damn yeng ... like it so much ...
museum of brussels ... yeng
musem again ... i loving it
famous peeing boy in brussels Vs peeing boy from Malaysia ... lol
3 of famous belgian beer
Cheers ... Belgian ice cream
some statute at city centre
looks like those 'kam yu lou' rite ... hahaha

tats abt it ... omg took me 1 day to finish tis post . for more photos pls c my friendster(i will update it later) ... tis trip damn fun lots of funny stuff goin on and everyday there is new stuff to explore .ahhaha took 7 gb++ of photos which make up to thousands of photos ... sipe siao ..... tiill then .. cya